How do I sign up in the HireAlways website?

TTo register yourself in HireAlways website, click on Create an Account -> Employer sign up on the homepage of the application. Fill the form and submit. A verification email will be sent to your email address. Upon confirming your email, you shall be able to use services of the HireAlways website.

Do I have to Sign up for Free Subscription package?

Sign up is necessary to view and contact potential candidates. Also, on signing up for free package you are entitled to post 2 free jobs and additionally get 200 credit points.

How do I login in my account?

After you confirm your email id, on the confirmation screen there is Login button which allows you to directly login in the application with your credentials.

Can I login using my Social media account?

No, you cannot use social media account to Sign up. You need to fill and submit the form to get registered and thereafter use your credentials to sign in.

How to login if I have forgotten my password?

You can reset your password. Go to Login Employer login Forgot Password. Enter your registered email Id and click on Send button. You will receive an email in your registered email id. Follow the steps in email to reset your account password.

Can I see candidates without logging in the HireAlways Website?

You cannot see the candidate details, but you can see the count of potential candidates pertaining to the category of the job requirement.

What are the various subscription plans can an employer opt from?

An employer has an option to enrol from one of following subscriptions:

  • Free Subscription
  • Standard Subscription
  • Premium Subscription

How can I upgrade my subscription from Free to Standard?

To upgrade Trial to Standard subscription, please send us a request by filling contact form to our Support department.

How is Standard better then free subscription?

Your access and usability is restricted in free subscription as compared to standard subscription. They differ in following features:
Free: Jobs active for 45 days, Publish jobs on Social Media, Highlighted jobs, Limited job description, and Notified short-listed candidates through email, Editing and deleting jobs
Standard: Response Management Software with Dashboard, Jobs active for 2 months, unlimited job description, Logo for company branding, Dedicated banner for each job, Rank top for your jobs, unlimited editing and deleting jobs

Can I pay online to get the Standard Subscription?

Currently system does not allows online payment. Once you enrol, our representatives will get in touch with details.

What are the charges for each plan?

Free: No charges, Standard: RM300/Job, Premium: RM500/Job

I am having trouble signing in, getting error.

Your sign in may be giving error because of one of the following reasons:

  • Entered email id or password is incorrect
  • You are candidate but entering credentials on the employer sign in window
  • Credentials entered are correct, but you have not yet confirmed your email id.
  • You are trying to login using your old password which you have reset

I do not wish to get emails from HireAlways, How can I unsubscribe from the emails?

To unsubscribe from all HireAlways emails, follow these steps:

  1. Just click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email notification
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click Unsubscribe

I wish to delete my account from HireAlways, How to delete the account?

Please drop us a note at support@hirealways.com. With your name, registered account email and reason for deactivation